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Creating ‘The Ideal Client’ Avatar

Imagine there’s a client out there, just waiting for you and your business. They believe in what you do and share your values. They don’t mind paying a little extra for quality, and they never complain. In fact, they love your products or services so much that they spread the word and bring in even […]

Pick up the $%#@ Phone!

Pick up the $%#@ Phone! Today I’m going to discuss a simple hack that can clarify communication, build business relationships, increase efficiency, and turn you into a rockstar – and it’s sitting right on your desk. Your phone! In 2018, Adobe surveyed over 1,000 office workers in the USA and found they spent an average […]

Considerations for Incorporating your Small Business

Considerations for Incorporating Your Small Business So first off, what the heck does it mean to incorporate your business, anyway? Well, at its core, incorporating means you are transferring your business into a new legal entity that is separate from you. In return for this, you receive shares of ownership in this new entity. You […]

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