Professional Accountant Halifax

Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc understands Nova Scotia businesses because we are a Nova Scotian business. Like the city of Halifax we have deep roots and old world charm. And we want to bring those roots and charm to our work.

Swain exists to inspire a nation of small businesses. We have worked with over 400 owner-operated businesses and entrepreneurs to provide accounting services that allow clients to develop their business in a way that works with their professional and personal goals. We know that larger companies have the benefit of a board of directors and high-paid consultants, which is why we provide our clients with more than just the bottom-line numbers. We are equipped to provide you with a robust system that encompasses bookkeeping, business planning, consulting, and tax services. And we offer these higher level services at prices that support the growth of owner-managed business.

Contact us so a professional accountant on our team can help you with any of the following services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • HST
  • Tax Planning
  • T4 Preparation and filing
  • T5 Preparation and filing
  • Corporate Year Ends
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Consulting for New Business Start-up
  • Consulting for Purchase and Sale of a Business
  • Incorporations
  • Trust Returns