Meet our 3 Nova Scotia CPAs

With CPA's working out of both our Halifax and Bridgewater locations, Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. has someone near by to help with your personal accounting. Not in one of those areas, but still want to work with us? Don't worry we'll be glad to work with anyone in any part of Nova Scotia.

John is our President and CEO and works out of the Halifax and Bridgewater offices.
John Swain, CPA, CA
President & CEO
(902) 334-2547

Our senior corporate player Michelle works in the Bridgewater office.
Michelle Mansfield, CPA, CGA 
Senior Corporate Player
(902) 334-2551

Samantha is the Swain manager of operations and works in the Bridgewater office.
Samantha Crouse, CPA
Manager of Operations
(902) 334-2548